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About us

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-25 um 15.23.53First simulate – then optimize. That is our mission. When regular software can’t solve complex tasks, we, as architects of the IT-future, come into play. We let visions and technological lead become true. We use the company’s flood of data to simulate, shape and improve their most important processes.

We help people to handle the with challenges increasing flood of data, simplify complex procedures and contribute to get humans into the centre of action.

Our topics are big data, process planning, machine intelligence as well as business intelligence. We develop big data solutions for changing industries like the producing industry, the energy industry and the services industry.

We are a young, innovative software company from berlin and with our platform technology we realize the use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. During this process we take care that our technology can be used in many different applications – from the industrial machine to the mobile APP everything is possible!

We develop individual configurations following customer requests as well as process depending procedures for the integration into machines and business procedures.

Our development work is oriented towards the newest results of research and science. That is why we have an active partnership with TU Berlin, TU Dortmund and always integrate young talents in our work.

With passion and enthusiasm we let the technological possible come true. Modern technologies always drive us forward: We are state of the art – always up to date with technology.

SOTA Solutions GmbH was called into life in 2010 by the founding team Kolja Bailly, Peter Kock and Annika Bailly with the aim of developing software solutions and artificial intelligence.

With the focus to create a platform technology, we started to create first applications in the producing industry.

  • April 2011 – Biochemical application for Biospring GmbH (reference)
  • June 2011 – Development of the application for the use in the biogas industry
  • March 2012 – Award Best of 2012 from Initiative Mittelstand (Medium-Sized Business Initiative)
  • October 2012 – Investment of the Hightech Gründerfonds (high-tech grounder fund) and Gundlach Group
  • November 2012 – StartUp Label awarded by TU Berlin

The expansion on industrial applications started in 2013 and finished at the end of 2013 with the successful application of a solution on the printing industry.
In 2014 started the further expansion of the platform idea and concrete applications in the energy industry (Trading platform, smart monitoring), in the producing industry (price and volume management) and in the services industry (semantic analysis, automatic search machine categorization).

This idea is constantly developing and gives access to new customers and markets. Since the interest in applications with artificial intelligence is increasing, we also find increasing interest in international markets. This is why in 2014 first contacts to the USA and India could be made.

Our topics


We offer a platform technology which lets software applications, processes and procedures become intelligent.

With SOTA IQ™ we created a possibility to integrate the newest developments of research quickly and straightforwardly into companies, applications and services. That is why artificial intelligence can be used easily without large development projects. We show systems how to learn from their own data, how to independently fit into new circumstances and even how to predict.

The SOTA technology is based on the use of powerful procedures of artificial intelligence, of machine learning and of the optimization and has its own security system – SOTA SECURE™.
This leads to a quick and easy anonymisation of the introduced data.


Large amounts of data of diverse sources are getting available with increasing speed.
To get business relevant knowledge out of these complex data, innovative solutions which exceed conventional business intelligence are needed. Algorithms of artificial intelligence can recognize complex connections in data and deliver new basis for decisions.

Available product spec sheets:

Big Data – Predictive Analytics
Producing industry

A flexible production, self organizing facilities with diagnostic and reparability skills or the cost-saving fabrication of individual products and small batch series: The SOTA technology uses self-learning processes. This is how many more challenges and complex optimizing issues are solved on an intelligent and cost-efficient way.

Available product spec sheets:


Thanks to our platform, different and complex challenges in this sector can be solved in an intelligent way. From the energy production to the concluding marketing the process can be accompanied intelligently and decisions can be supported by facts.

Available product spec sheets:


Our methods


Learning of structures in data for the assignment and gradation of new data sets:

  • Detection of conditions & early warning systems
  • Semantic assignation of text contents
  • Gradation of large amounts of data


Creation of forecasts on the basis of historical data to predict:

  • Markets (turnover, price, profit etc.)
  • Production (quality, amount, price)
  • User behavior (load prediction, buying decisions, sport results)


Creation of black-box models from existing data for the simulation of:

  • Effects of machine settings and external factors on the production
  • Planning decisions and investments
  • Set up processes and industry 4.0 processes


The application of modules in combination with our powerful optimization allows an automatic planning and noticeable increase of process results.

This is the way how you quickly and reliably optimize complex systems.


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Optimized production

As company of the chemical industry BioSpring produces synthetic oligonucleotides in all dimensions and for every application.

SOTA developed a software for the calculation of optimal mixing proportions. The aim was an increase of the production output by using the same amount of resources without disregarding any purity criteria of the final product. The software now achieves a production increase of an average of 13% in comparison to the manual execution.

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Prediction of producing processes

Schmack Biogas GmbH is one of the leading German providers of energy generation facilities in the sector of cogeneration.

SOTA developed a software using neural networks to predict the win of energy on basis of historical data. The prediction quality of the system is up to 5% better than common comparable procedures (linear regression / theoretical gas win).

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Text recognition and categorization

Q-Essence GmbH simulates the human skill of generating knowledge out of information.

SOTA developed a software for the automatic sorting of text contents. The categorization of documents (assignment to the responsible company department on the basis of contents) brought an accuracy of nearly 90% in assignment. In comparison to scientific studies, results could be improved by up to 5%.

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Industry 4.0 in the printing sector

Klingenberg Berlin has been a specialist in offset prints for more than 145 years.

The machine’s set up times and color settings as well as waste sheets cause higher costs. SOTA developed a procedure that optimally adjusts the machines even before starting the printing by using artificial intelligence. By this, more than 100,000 sheets can be saved per year.

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Optimized investment decisions

Bio-Energie-Heuberg GmbH runs facilities in the sector of renewable energies. The influence on promotion rewards as well as the profit through balancing energy marketing was to be considered in the investment decisions in the course of an expansion to 1.4 MW.

Thanks to the planning and management improved by SOTA, investments could been reduced by € 100,000 and the win been raised by 2.5% per year.

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User specific content in web shops

SOTA developed a software for the automatic assignment of the ideal content of web shop users. This is how users are perfectly informed about products. The integration of external media contents happens fully automatically.

Did we spark your interest? Contact us: +49 30 639 25 990.

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